Download Campfire Dev Kit 1.7.1. Compatible with Campfire 1.7 or greater. Can be installed using a mod manager (NMM, Mod Organizer, etc). Using a mod manager is highly recommended so that you can easily turn the Dev Kit on and off to make sure your code and new camping equipment works in the release version of Campfire.


Create Campfire-Powered Mods

Campfire is a modder’s framework, and allows you to create your own camping equipment, tents, and more without writing any code. You can then release these creations as your own mod! These creations will be completely compatible with Frostfall 3 and Last Seed.

See the Dev Kit Tutorials page for guides and step-by-step instructions.

If you’re publishing a Campfire-powered mod, please use the following bbcode on your mod page description:


This code will place the following banner that will link your user easily back to Campfire so they can download it or upgrade:

CampUtil API

Campfire includes a useful set of functions that can be called without making your mod directly dependent on Campfire.esm. This is the same function library used by mods like Frostfall to gather information about the player and their current situation in Campfire (number of current followers, the current tent in use, and so on). See the CampUtil API page for more information.

See Also…

Also check out the Frostfall Dev Kit, which includes access to the FrostUtil API. See the Frostfall Dev Kit page and the FrostUtil API docs for more info.