Tell me everything I need to know about Frostfall in a minute or less. Go.
  • To start Frostfall, stare up into the night sky or open the SkyUI MCM.
  • Frostfall adds exposure and wetness, which are attributes like health or stamina. Lower is better. Being wet makes exposure increase faster.
  • To reduce how fast your exposure increases, you should increase your warmth and coverage. Warmth reduces exposure rate at all times. Coverage keeps you dry longer in the rain, and helps reduce exposure in severe weather. Nearly all worn gear grants warmth and coverage. Other things do, too.
  • If you’re getting very cold, get near a fire. You can build one yourself using Survival Skill: Build Campfire.
  • If the weather is bad, your exposure goes up faster (sometimes, much faster).
  • If you decide that you don’t like Frostfall, please make sure to uninstall it properly or else your character might become permanently damaged.
Is Frostfall really hard? Is it only for really hardcore survival players?
  • No. Frostfall is an immersion gameplay mod. It is very configurable. Some people play it purely for the flavor that it adds, and some like an increased challenge. You can configure it to your liking. It’s designed to be an unintrusive part of the larger game and not take over your gameplay.

About Frostfall 3:


Will you be making a version of the SkyUI Add-On for SkyUI 4.1?

I will try my best, but no promises right now.

Is the new perk system compatible with my current perk overhaul?

Yes, absolutely. It is entirely stand-alone.

How do I use the SkyRe / PerMa Survivalism plug-in with Frostfall 3?

You cannot use the SkyRe / PerMa Survivalism Frostfall plug-in with Frostfall 3.

Frostfall 3’s Endurance skill tree (accessed from any built campfire) includes all of the functionality that was previously included with this plug-in and is no longer tied directly to SkyRe / PerMa.

SkyRe and PerMa themselves are completely compatible with Frostfall 3. Just not this optional plug-in.

Should I use my existing Frostfall patches for other mods with Frostfall 3?

No! Please do not use legacy 2.6 patches with Frostfall 3. You will probably crash your game on start-up. Please only use updated patches that specifically note that they are for Frostfall 3.0+.


About Frostfall in General:


Is this compatible with…?

Yes, probably. See the Compatibility page.

Is this compatible with all official DLC?


Does fur armor keep you warmer?

Yes. Fur, and other gear (like Orcish) have a high Warmth rating.

Does a torch keep you warmer? What about soups and stews?

Torches, soups, and stews all grant a small Warmth bonus, which slows your rate of exposure.

Do Nords get a unique bonus to the cold?

Frost Resistance grants a small bonus to Warmth. Since Nords start the game with some Frost Resistance, they start with a Warmth bonus, too. Any other race can make up this difference with enchanted equipment.

Do Khajiit get a unique bonus to the cold?

No. There are several lore-based reasons that Khajiit might not get a bonus in spite of their fur, but the biggest reason is because, from a gameplay standpoint, I thought it would be a bad idea to give one race a significant advantage over another. I would rather stay true to the Skyrim tagline of “be who you want, do what you want”.

Does it matter what my time scale is set to?

No. Your rate of exposure is independent of the game time scale.

Are Vampires (including from Dawnguard) supported? Are Werewolves supported? Does werewolf fur keep your warm?

Yes, yes, and yes.

Does Flamecloak / fire magic warm you up? Does frost magic increase exposure?

If you are hit with a fire spell, you will warm up, to a limit. If you are hit with a frost spell, your exposure will increase, to a limit. There are other spells, like Kindle, that can warm you up directly.

How do I swim longer in cold water without passing out / dying?

Use Survival Skill: Create Item, and craft some Snowberry Extract. This will extend your time before anything bad happens. If you don’t like this feature, open the SkyUI MCM and de-select the feature “Frigid Water Is Dangerous”.

Quivers clip with cloaks and backpacks really badly. Anything for this?

Try using another of my mods, Belt-Fastened Quivers. It won’t completely solve the problem, but it helps. If you use XPMS Skeleton, there is a Belt-Fastened Quivers option you can select when installing.

Has this mod been cleaned with TES5Edit?

Yes. All remaining edits are intentional. Please do not clean this mod.

Can you add a sweating / overheating mechanic?

I think this would encourage unimmersive behavior and in general would not be a very fun addition.

Can you add a bonus when riding Blaze of Eventide?

There would be no way to balance this, so, no.

Can you make it so that Become Ethereal halts exposure gain / allows you to swim in frigid water without harm?

It was determined that Become Ethereal lasts too long and has a recast time too short in order for this to be balanced.