Create a magic cloak for 150 seconds that grants 25 warmth and 25 coverage. Unequip to dispel.

Bound Cloak, Greater is an adept level Conjuration spell which causes the spellcaster to be equipped with a magical cloak for a duration of time, after which the cloak vanishes.


  • Fortify Warmth and Coverage, 25 pts for 150 sec

  • Bound Cloak, Greater

TypeDefensiveCastingFire and Forget
DeliverySelfEquipEither Hand
Spell IDxx05815AEditor ID_Frost_BoundCloakSpellGreater
Base Cost268Charge Time0.5
Tome IDxx058C31Tome Value324
  • Can be found at an unmarked location east of Stendarr’s Beacon. A trail of blood leads east up the mountain where a Frost Troll awaits. The spell tome is beneath a flag along with a lockbox and a leveled helm. (Console command: coc POIFallForest27)
  • A scroll of Bound Cloak, Greater can be found at an unmarked location southeast of the Hjaalmarch Stormcloak Camp, inside a (locked) sarcophagus. (Console command: coc POISnowy08)
Appears in random loot at level23+
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