Exposure is reduced by 30 for 30 seconds. When the effect wears off, the exposure is gained again.

Revel is an adept level Illusion spell which temporarily restores 30 exposure for 30 seconds. After the effect wears off, the caster gains back the exposure that he lost from the effect of the spell.


  • Soothe, 30 pts for 30 sec

  • Exposure is added back to the caster when the effect wears off, even if this means that the caster’s exposure would exceed 100. The caster can be incapacitated / killed if he or she cannot find a source of heat in time to prevent this.
  • The effects of different versions of this spell (Soothe, Bask, Revel) do not stack.
  • The duration of the spell is not extended if the spell (or other versions of the spell) are cast when the effect is already active. The effect must run out before recasting the spell will have an effect.
  • This spell cannot be dual cast.
  • Revel

TypeDefensiveCastingFire and Forget
DeliverySelfEquipEither Hand
Spell IDxx05B852Editor ID_Frost_SootheSpell3
Base Cost236Charge Time0.5
Tome IDxx05B856Tome Value320
Appears in random loot at level23+
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