Transmutes one branch to deadwood, or deadwood to firewood if the caster is carrying any.

Transmute Wood is an expert level Alteration spell which turns wood into higher quality wood.


  • Transmute Wood, 5 pts for 1 sec

  • This spell cannot be dual-cast. However, it is perfectly fine to cast the spell simultaneously in each hand, which will simply activate the effect twice.
  • There is no “Scroll of Transmute Wood”, only the spell tome exists.
  • Armor
  • Transmute Wood

  • SpellTomeAlteration
TypeDefensiveCastingFire and Forget
DeliverySelfEquipEither Hand
Spell IDxx05663DEditor ID_Frost_TransmuteWood
Base Cost380Charge Time0.5
Tome IDxx056641Tome Value640
  • Unmarked location on the trail leading west towards Mount Anthor, inside a destroyed cart. (Console command: coc POISnowy23)
Appears in random loot at level35+
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