Creates a blast of steam that dries the caster and deals up to 50 points of fire damage. Ineffective when caster is dry.

Vapor Blast is an adept level Destruction spell which uses the water on the caster’s body to create a blast of steam that does more damage the more drenched the caster is. The caster becomes completely dry after casting the spell.


  • Vapor Blast, 50 pts

  • Deals damage according to how wet the caster is:
    • Drenched: 50 pts of fire damage
    • Wet: 30 pts of fire damage
    • Damp: 20 pts of fire damage
  • Like other fire spells, having this spell equipped will set off gas traps in dungeons.
  • Unlike other fire spells, while dealing fire damage, the spell will not set targets on fire. It is also not capable of lighting a campfire.
  • If using a Scroll of Vapor Blast, if the spell fails to cast, the scroll is returned to your inventory.
  • Vapor Blast

TypeOffensiveCastingFire and Forget
DeliverySelfEquipBoth Hands
Spell IDxx05BDC9Editor ID_Frost_VaporBlast
Base Cost186Charge Time2.5
Tome IDxx05C897Tome Value350
  • Unmarked location east of Boulderfall Cave, on an altar. (Console command: coc POIFallForest04)
Appears in random loot at level23+
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