Hunger in the North is no longer in development. I’m sorry for any disappointment this may cause.

Original overview:

Hunger in the North introduces a dynamic, event-driven food reduction system to Skyrim in order to reduce food clutter and give greater meaning to survival mods with a hunger mechanic. Originally developed as a feature of Last Seed, it was spun into its own mod as it grew richer in features and it became clear that many needs mod players could benefit from it as an alternative to other food removal mods, such as You Hunger.

The 4th Era is a time of war. Dragons roam the skies, burning crops as they go. Bandit raids interfere with vital supply lines. Despotic jarls levy harsh taxes against their subjects. Blights decimate harvests. Amidst all this hardship, the common folk scrape together what little they can trade and grow in order to survive.

HitN greatly reduces the amount of food found in the game world, for sale in stores, and found in containers. It also greatly reduces the number of “unowned” foods in the world and in homes.

Every few weeks, HitN generates both random events and events driven by player actions, which can drastically alter food availability. The Thalmor may gain a chokehold over sea trade routes, making imported produce difficult to find. A blight might decimate wheat crops, making bread a luxury. A harsh, long winter might affect both farming and hunting. Attacking bandit camps may allow trade in and out of Whiterun to happen more freely, allowing produce and ale to spread to neighboring Holds. And more.

Instead of removing food from the world in a fixed way, HitN’s events start at the source and traces it all the way to the home or store. If wheat supplies are short, bread and most baked goods are affected too. If tomatoes are striken with disease, don’t expect to find as much tomato soup.

Nearly all aspects of the mod will be configurable, giving you complete control over food availability in your game. Whether you live in an era of plentiful harvests, or the next terrible famine, is up to you.