General Compatibility

  • Compatible with all DLC.
  • Compatible with any mod that edits or adds items to vendors.
  • Compatible with major overhaul mods (SkyRe, Requiem, Ordinator, PerMa, etc)
  • Compatible with every custom follower mod.
  • Compatible with every multi-follower mod.

Enhanced Compatibility

  • Campfire
    • Travel and Paper Lanterns can be crafted by using Survival Skills: Create Item.
    • Lantern Oil can be used as a very effective tinder to help start your campfire.
  • Hunterborn:
    • You can craft Lantern Oil from Animal Fat.
  • 101BUGS:
    • You can catch fireflies in an empty bug lantern, which creates a Firefly Lantern. It glows a bright red color.


  • Static Mesh Improvement Mod: Please see this patch.
  • Lantern glass reflection: If you feel that the Travel Lanterns are too shiny, please see this patch.
  • Enderal: Please see this patch.
  • Stained Glass Lanterns – Your Travel Lantern now has stained glass panels.
  • Firefly Torchbug Pet – Your torchbug hovers over your shoulder when using a Torchbug Lantern.


For Modders – Adding Held Light Source Compatibility

Wearable Lanterns makes a necessary edit to the TorchEvents IdleAnimation record in order to support held lanterns. Only one mod can edit this record at a time.

You can make your mod that introduces held light sources compatible with Wearable Lanterns by doing the following:

  • Make a version of your mod that does not edit the TorchEvents IdleAnimation record.
  • Add your light source to the _WL_HeldLanterns FormList at runtime using a script. Example code provided below. (This example is for illustration purposes only and is not very robust; for instance, this example checks for Wearable Lanterns once and then never again. You should expand it in order to meet your needs and your individual use case.)
scriptname ExampleWearableLanternsCompatibility extends Quest

; For providing compatibility between Wearable Lanterns and
; a mod that adds new carried light sources.

Light property MyCoolLight1 auto
Light property MyCoolLight2 auto
Light property MyCoolLight3 auto

Event OnInit()
    bool WearableLanternsLoaded = Game.GetFormFromFile(0x005404, "Chesko_WearableLantern.esp")
    if WearableLanternsLoaded
        FormList _WL_HeldLanterns = Game.GetFormFromFile(0x005404, "Chesko_WearableLantern.esp") as FormList
        if !_WL_HeldLanterns.HasForm(MyCoolLight1)