• These permissions are dated 3/23/2016 and supersede any previous permissions for Wearable Lanterns.
  • You are not allowed to re-upload this file, in whole or in part, anywhere, for any reason, without the author’s written permission.
  • You may translate this mod into a language other than English and upload the portions of the mod required for that translation (such as the plug-in file and the MCM Translation text files), without permission; you already have permission. Your translation must require that the user download the main, English-version mod in order to work. No stand-alone translations. Please see the Translations page for more info.
  • If I cannot be reasonably reached via e-mail, Reddit, PM, or Twitter for 6 months, this mod becomes public domain and free for anyone to use and redistribute for any reason.


  • Gorgeous new Lantern texture by Vixenfinder.
  • Beautiful new Torchbug and Firefly textures and 101BUGS integration by 83Willow.
  • Includes portions of PapyrusUtil 3.2.
  • Includes meters from the SkyUI SDK.

This mod was inspired by a thread on the Bethesda forums, started by Iradiated BOXES, who asked if such a mod already existed. It seemed that it didn’t, and I figured it would be simple enough to whip up in a few hours.

After putting out the initial version and seeing how much interest there was in something like this, what started as a 3-hour project turned into a multi-month journey of adding features and squashing bugs. It is now one of the most comprehensive lantern mods available.

Thank you to the folks in the Bethesda thread (found here) for the ideas and for motivating me to do this fun project. Thank you to everyone that has helped me beta test this mod; it wouldn’t be nearly this stable and well-developed without your help.I’m pretty pleased with the results. I hope you are, too. Enjoy!