The Design of Last Seed


Hi folks, I’d like to write a short article about what’s been going through my head lately regarding the development of Last Seed, my upcoming “primary needs” mod. I’d like to talk about my attitude toward these systems and where I think Last Seed fits into the grand scheme of things. This is probably going to be an unstructured ramble …

Modder’s Corner: SkyUI MCM Translation Utility


Hi all, I have made a utility that automatically translates my English SkyUI MCM files into the 8 other available languages using the Google Translate API. I’ve made it available on GitHub, along with instructions for how to set up your Google Developer Console and how to use the utility. Be advised that using the Google Translate API is not …

Wearable Lanterns 4 Now Available


Hey all, After not seeing any updates in over 2 years, Wearable Lanterns was in serious need of some spring cleaning and updating in order to bring it up to my current code standards and feature set. This update adds “hold control to toggle” functionality, fixes numerous bugs, adds Settings Profile support, Campfire integration, and more. I’ve never been happy …

Last Seed: New Details Released


I have released new details on the Last Seed page. This is the most concrete information about the mod I’ve ever released, and what makes it unique. I hope this answers many of your questions, and raises a few new ones. Enjoy, — Chesko

Modder’s Corner: Release Toolchain


This week, I’d like to go over my release toolchain that I’ve developed to take the guesswork out of releasing mods. Since I work on fairly large and completely separate mod projects and switch between them frequently, finding ways to spend less time doing “grunt work” and more time focusing on making new and cool stuff became a serious priority. …

Frostfall Dev Kit Released


The Frostfall Dev Kit is now available to mod developers, which includes the FrostUtil API. This is the same set of functions that Frostfall itself uses in order to do things like get / set the player’s exposure, determine the current temperature, and more. Using this, you will be able to ensure a deeper level of compatibility with Frostfall without …

Simply Knock voted Skyrim Nexus File of the Month!


I wanted to say thank you to everyone who supported Simply Knock and voted for it in February. It was voted File of the Month – February 2016! I sincerely appreciate the support, well-wishes, bug reports, comments, and suggestions. While I have accomplished everything I set out to do with Simply Knock and development has ceased, I hope you continue …

Frostfall 3.0.2, Campfire 1.7, and Dev Kit Update Released


Download – Frostfall Download – Campfire and Dev Kit Last night I simultaneously released 3 major updates to Campfire, the Dev Kit, and Frostfall. There are a lot of changes, so take your time going through them. At a high level, Changes to the way campfires are built, based on user feedback (particularly, new graphics and sound, and the random …

Simply Knock 1.0.8 Released


Simply Knock 1.0.7 was released. You can download it on the Nexus page. Release 1.0.7 (2/17/2016) Features and Changes     Doors are now unlocked automatically if you have a key for them instead of bringing up the door menu. Update: A small 1.0.8 update was also released: Release 1.0.8 (2/19/2016) Bug Fixes Fixed a Papyrus log error when looking at …

Mod Dev Update – February 2016


Hey all, I decided that, with so many projects currently underway fractured across numerous Skyrim Nexus pages, it was high time I started a blog in order to keep everyone up to date on what I’m working on. Here we go! Current Development: The website navigation has been reorganized a bit. You can now get to all of my mods …