Modder’s Corner: SkyUI MCM Translation Utility

Hi all,

I have made a utility that automatically translates my English SkyUI MCM files into the 8 other available languages using the Google Translate API. I’ve made it available on GitHub, along with instructions for how to set up your Google Developer Console and how to use the utility.

Be advised that using the Google Translate API is not free; it does cost money ($20 per 1 million characters). However, in my case, it saves me a tremendous amount of time when I’m getting ready to deploy a change to one of my mods that requires a change in my MCM files that makes it worth it. Whether or not it’s worth it for you is dependent on your application and how much text you have to translate.

After setting up your Google Developer Console and installing the Google client API library for Python, you just provide the utility with your English MCM file and it spits out 8 translated files (Czech, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Spanish). They are already formatted with UTF-16 LE and are ready to be used immediately.

Hope this helps someone. There’s room for improvement (and if you want to improve it, feel free to fork it and make it your own), but it suits my needs and felt like I should share it.


— Chesko