Camping Equipment

Campfire includes a multitude of equipment to provide a complete camping experience. Most of these new supplies can be crafted, either at a Tanning Rack or by selecting the Survival Skill: Create Item ability and pressing the Shout key. Some can be purchased by visiting general goods merchants in Skyrim.

This page is under construction. The legacy Frostfall Documentation has a comprehensive list of most of the items that can be crafted or purchased in Campfire, however some items may have changed or may no longer be available. Until then, feel free to explore the Survival Skill: Create Item or Tanning Rack crafting menus!

Survival Skill: Create Item

Using the Create Item ability, a wide array of useful gear can be created no matter where you are. Below is a gallery of everything that can be crafted using Create Item.


Backpacks are worn gear that grant a bonus to Carry Weight. They also dynamically display any cooking pot, tent, torch, woodcutter’s axe, or waterskin you are carrying on the outside of the pack.

Backpacks can be enhanced by combining them with an amulet of the Nine Divines at a tanning rack. These enhance their visual appearance and grant one-half of the bonus normally granted by the amulet. The backpack and amulet can be separated later.


Tents are an important piece of camping equipment. A tent can be used to sit or sleep, and your followers can sit and sleep inside them as well. They include lanterns to shed some light and are important in mods like Frostfall where being able to take shelter in the wilderness is essential.

To place a tent, use the tent in your inventory and a blue indicator will appear. The indicator will follow your movements and adjust to the slope of the ground. When you have determined where you would like to place your tent, press the confirm button and the tent will be set up.

Time to take a load off! When you sit or sleep inside a tent, some of your worn equipment will be removed and placed in and around your tent. It will be automatically re-equipped when you get up. You can choose which pieces of gear should be removed in Campfire’s configuration menu, or disable the feature entirely.

By default, tents and other camping equipment can burn down if struck with a torch or flame spell. Be careful with fire when near your camp! (Campfires can never burn down camping equipment.)

All tents come with one or more lanterns. Select your bedroll and select the Use Lantern option to turn it on or off.