Dev Kit Tutorials

Welcome to the Campfire Dev Kit tutorial series!

Here you will learn how to create new placeable camping equipment for the player using the Creation Kit. These tutorials are for beginner to intermediate-level modders. If this is your first modding experience, take the time to familiarize yourself with the Creation Kit interface using Bethesda’s introductory tutorial.

Please take your time in walking through the following articles, as each one introduces important concepts. Try not to skip ahead; each entry will cover topics important in later tutorials.

Tutorial 1: Hello, Chair

Learn how to create your first Campfire placeable object, a simple portable chair.

Tutorial 2: My Chair, Now with More Cowbell

Trick out your chair with extra bells and whistles. Here you will learn how to create multi-part objects.

Tutorial 3: A Shack to Call My Own (Introduction to Tents)

Create your first shelter, a small lean-to shack, add extra features, and make it fully compatible with Frostfall 3.0.

Tutorial 4: Supplies Chest (Placeable Containers)

Create a portable Supplies Chest for your campsite.

Tutorial 5: Basketweaving (New Skill Tree)

Create a brand new skill tree using the Campfire Skill System accessible from lit campfires. This tutorial is broken into 3 parts due to length, and also features an appendix for further reading.

Tutorial 5 – Part 1

Tutorial 5 – Part 2

Tutorial 5 – Part 3

Tutorial 5 – Appendix