Download Frostfall Dev Kit 3.0.3. Compatible with Frostfall 3.0.3 or greater. Can be installed using a mod manager (NMM, Mod Organizer, etc). Using a mod manager is highly recommended so that you can easily turn the Dev Kit on and off to make sure your code runs in the release version of Frostfall.


FrostUtil API

The Frostfall Dev Kit includes the FrostUtil API.

The FrostUtil API can be used to provide your mod with rich Frostfall compatibility without requiring Frostfall as a dependency.

FrostUtil is the same function library used by Frostfall in order to do things like get/set the player’s exposure, find out what the current temperature is, and more. See the FrostUtil API page for more information.

See Also…

Check out the Campfire Dev Kit for creating new tents, placeable objects, skill trees, and more, and take advantage of the CampUtil API. See the Campfire Dev Kit page and the CampUtil API docs for more info.