Creates a magic field with basic provisions that repels cold and rain for 24 hours.


Conjure Shelter, Lesser is an expert level Conjuration spell that summons a magic field that can be used to take shelter from cold, snow, and rain.


  • Conjure Shelter, Lesser, 24 hours (in-game)

  • Unlike tents, a conjured shelter protects against snow and rain equally well.
  • The shelter includes:
    • A basic wooden bed.
    • A chest.
    • A cooking pot.
    • A small table with a lantern and basic utensils.
    • A basic wooden chair.
    • A small fire pit.
    • A tanning rack
  • The fire pit works identically to a campfire. It is conjured without any fuel or tinder.
  • This spell is illegal to cast while in or near a city, or inside a dwelling (inn, residence, store, etc).
  • Only one Conjured Shelter can exist in the world at any one time. If the spell is cast again, the other shelter disappears.
  • The contents of the chest of a conjured shelter is persistent (i.e. the same) between casts and between the Lesser and Greater versions.
  • If using a Scroll of Conjure Shelter, Lesser, if the spell fails to cast, the scroll is returned to your inventory.
  • Note: Uninstalling / clean saving Frostfall will result in the contents of your chest from conjured shelters being lost.
  • SR-icon-spell-Summon
  • Conjure Shelter, Lesser

TypeDefensiveCastingFire and Forget
DeliverySelfEquipBoth Hands
Spell IDxx0591c4Editor ID_Frost_ConjureShelter_Lesser
Base Cost353Charge Time3
Tome IDxx059cbfTome Value710
  • Unmarked location southeast of Morthal, inside a ruin near a dead conjurer. (Console command: coc POITundra18)
Appears in random loot at level35+
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