Consumes one firewood from the caster to restore 20 points of exposure.

Kindle is an adept level Restoration spell which will instantly reduce the exposure of the caster by 20 pts, provided that the caster has at least one firewood in their inventory. The firewood is consumed by the spell.


  • Kindle, 20 pts


  • Unlike a campfire, Kindle does not dry the caster off.
  • Trying to cast Kindle without firewood in your inventory results in the message, “You lack the materials required to cast this spell.
  • If using a Scroll of Kindle, if the spell fails to cast, the scroll is returned to your inventory.
  • Kindle

TypeDefensiveCastingFire and Forget
DeliverySelfEquipBoth Hands
Spell IDxx0586C5Editor ID_Frost_KindleSpell
Base Cost214Charge Time2.5
Tome IDxx058C2FTome Value322
  • An unmarked location near Sightless Pit, on an altar. (console command coc POISnowy22)
  • Last Vigil (if Dragonborn is not installed, this is an unmarked location). (console command coc POIFallForest28)
Appears in random loot at level23+
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