The following procedure must be followed when uninstalling Frostfall, or permanent damage to your character and save game can result.

Following uninstallation steps is your responsibility. The author cannot make this mod any easier to remove.

As a general note, understand that Skyrim was never designed for supporting the removal of any mod. Therefore, unintended behavior may result.

The uninstall procedure has been tested by the author as satisfactory for removing the mod from the game in a generic game / mod environment. Your environment will be different; therefore, your experience may be different after uninstalling.

  1. Back up your save games. If you are on Xbox One, save your game again as a new save. Do not skip this step.
  2. If you have items stored in a Conjured Shelter chest, remove the items from that chest now, or they will be lost.
  3. Go inside any building.
  4. Wait 30 seconds in real time, outside of the menu system. Check your Active Effects tab in your Magic menu and ensure that you are not affected by Frostbite. If you are, wait for it to wear off.
  5. Classic Skyrim: Open the Frostfall Mod Config Menu and select “Frostfall is:”. Accept the prompt to disable the mod. Skyrim Special Edition / Xbox: Select the Options: Frostfall power from your magic menu, press the Shout key, select “Enable / Disable Frostfall”, and select Yes to disable it.
  6. Exit all menus and wait 30 seconds in real time, outside of the menu system.
  7. Save your game.
  8. Disable or Uninstall Frostfall using your mod manager or the in-game Mods menu.
  9. Also, uncheck any other mods that require Frostfall.esp. Failure to do this will result in a crash to desktop directly after the Bethesda logo on boot-up.
  10. Load your game. You will receive a warning about content that may not be available (Frostfall.esp). Continue to load the game.
  11. After entering the game, check your skills. If you see negative effects, ensure that another mod is not causing these effects.
  12. Save your game again.
  13. Exit the game.

You are done. Frostfall has been successfully uninstalled correctly.

What to expect after uninstalling

PC users: If you have Papyrus logging enabled, you may receive the following messages related to Frostfall in your logs:

warning: Could not find type _Frost_SOMETHING in the type table in save

Cannot open store for class "_Frost_SOMETHING", missing file?

These errors are normal and expected after uninstalling a mod.