Last Seed FAQ

Are you still working on Last Seed?

It is currently no longer in development. I’m sorry for any disappointment this may cause.

What kind of mod was it?

It’s a primary needs (hunger, thirst, sleep), disease, and wellness gameplay mod.

There are already a lot of these kinds of mods. What makes it unique?

  • Last Seed is being designed as the “most eminently playable” needs mod. It’s intended to be a very complimentary part of Skyrim as a whole.
  • It is not being designed as a “survival” mod per se, but it will have certain survival elements. Dying of hunger and thirst will not be a moment-to-moment concern.
  • The mod will feature a comprehensive, symptom-based disease system that will form the basis of the challenge aspect of the mod.
  • As part of its playability, Last Seed will introduce the “Focused” status, which takes effect in hostile (non-cleared) dungeons. While Focused, your needs will be temporarily delayed. When you exit the dungeon, these delayed needs will “catch up” to you according to what you would have incurred had you not been in the dungeon. So, you can focus on slaying monsters when that’s important, and tend to your personal needs when things are less stressful.
  • Last Seed requires, and integrates directly with, Campfire. This means you’ll be able to take advantage of a very mature and stable camping mod to tend to your cooking and sleeping needs.
  • Last Seed is being designed with Classic Skyrim, Special Edition, and consoles in mind, and taking advantage of the best capabilities of each platform.
  • Last Seed will feature unique textures for spoiled food, provided by FadingSignal. Spoilage as a mechanic isn’t unique, but I think my take on it is.
  • There will be a streamlined follower needs system. A special container will be added to the player’s inventory, Provisions, that you and all followers will automatically eat from (dependent on settings).

Where can I find out more about Last Seed’s design?

Please see this blog post.