Translations of Chesko’s Mods

The following are my translation permissions. This applies to any and all mods that I have or will release.

  • I love that people want to translate my mods. I think that’s great. It helps the mod spread and grow to a larger audience. To translators: thank you.
  • Please send me a link to your translation once you’re done.
  • If there are multiple translators, I may link only one of them on the file page. Please don’t be offended.
  • You have permission to translate and host / upload translations, as long as the translation requires the main English mod to work. You cannot upload the entire mod.
  • Please do not ask for permission. This page is me giving you permission. You already have permission.
  • You should consider this page as “written permission” to translate and rehost a translation, if your site requires it.
  • If you want to translate the file, you are responsible for hosting it on the Nexus, or some other popular foreign-language mod host.
  • Please DO NOT give me your translation! I do not want to be responsible for it.
  • Please DO NOT send me a link to a file-sharing service! It must be a Nexus link, or a link to a popular foreign-language modding website. This is to protect my users from downloading viruses and other bad files.
  • Please DO NOT ask me how to create translations. I can’t help you. Whether or not it gets translated is up to you. Go learn. Use Google.
  • I do not grant exclusive translation permissions. Do not ask. Anyone who wants to translate one of my mods is free to do so.


  • You have permission already; don’t ask.
  • The translation must require the main file.
  • I won’t help you.
  • Let me know when you’re done!

Thank you for your understanding.

— Chesko