Frostfall 3.0.2, Campfire 1.7, and Dev Kit Update Released

Download – Frostfall

Download – Campfire and Dev Kit

Last night I simultaneously released 3 major updates to Campfire, the Dev Kit, and Frostfall. There are a lot of changes, so take your time going through them.

At a high level,

  • Changes to the way campfires are built, based on user feedback (particularly, new graphics and sound, and the random chance of failure is gone, and replaced with a shorter / longer time to light the fire instead, and the separation between lighting a campfire via magic or mundane methods is clearer and leverages the player’s playstyle choices more distinctly)
  • The Dev Kit has been updated to be in line with the latest version of Campfire after a lapse of support. I’ll try to not let that happen again. You can now create conjured items and shelters, as well as create your own skill trees similar to what you see today in Campfire and Frostfall. (See this tutorial for more information on creating skill trees. A tutorial on creating conjured shelters and items, as well as a refresh of the CampUtil API docs, will be forthcoming.)
  • Frostfall has Conjured Shelters return, as well as a slew of bug fixes.

Here are the full change logs on Evernote here, here, and here. Enjoy!