Wearable Lanterns 4 Now Available

Hey all,

After not seeing any updates in over 2 years, Wearable Lanterns was in serious need of some spring cleaning and updating in order to bring it up to my current code standards and feature set.

This update adds “hold control to toggle” functionality, fixes numerous bugs, adds Settings Profile support, Campfire integration, and more.

I’ve never been happy with Wearable Lanterns. It’s always been a fragile, difficult-to-debug, difficult-to-work-on mess, and it was just never quite “there” yet. I’m glad to say that finally, I am happy with it now. It’s been revised almost end-to-end; nearly everything is now event-driven (reducing overall script load), and the code now makes it very hard for bugs to hide. Follower behavior is now far more predictable. And you now have complete control over the on-screen meters.

Looking forward, the techniques for configuring your meters developed for WL 4 was broken out into a separate, modular piece of code that I will be applying forward to Frostfall to give Frostfall players complete control over meters there as well.

Please see this page for install and upgrade details.

This page is the new home of Wearable Lanterns, and contains up to date compatibility, troubleshooting, FAQ, and how to play information.

Have fun!