Quickstart Guide (PC Special Edition)

Before You Begin…

Make sure you do the following before installing Frostfall for Skyrim Special Editon on PC:

  • Save your game into a new save slot and keep it handy in case you don’t like Frostfall and want to roll back to a save that has never “seen” it later, in order to help avoid problems.
  • Make sure to download and install Campfire. Campfire is required for Frostfall to work, and adds all of the camping equipment and gameplay. If you don’t, you’ll receive an error that “Frostfall is missing files and cannot be installed.”
  • Skyrim Nexus users: Install Frostfall using a Mod Manager. Manual installation is not supported.

Installing Frostfall 3

Please select the option that matches you the closest.

  • Download and install Campfire.
  • Download and install Frostfall.

That’s it!

  • Download and install Campfire.
  • Download and install Frostfall.

That’s it! Campfire and Frostfall are fine to install mid-playthrough.

You can install Frostfall without starting a new game.

  • Make sure to update Campfire, if there are any updates.
  • Download and install Frostfall.

That’s it! Frostfall is safe to install mid-playthrough, even if you’ve already been using Campfire.

Load Order

You should, in general, try to load Frostfall.esp as high in your load order as you can.

In particular, Frostfall should load before any mods that edit inns and taverns. These are mods like JK’s Skyrim by Jkrojmal and Teabag86.

This is to ensure that the Rescue system in Frostfall will transport your character to the right place if your exposure reaches maximum.

Starting Frostfall

Since Frostfall adds so much to the game, it doesn’t start until you want it to. You have to enable it.

There are several ways to start Frostfall:

  • Look to the stars. Staring up at the night sky for ~8 seconds (in First Person) will start the mod. Stare at the night sky between 7PM and 7AM.
  • Open your Magic menu, select Options: Frostfall, exit the menu, and press your Shout button (Right Bumper). You will be prompted to start the mod.

Once Frostfall has finished starting up, you will see a message that notes how you found a copy of a long-lost book, The Survivor’s Guide to Skyrim. (This book is purely for flavor, but does contain some helpful tips!) Once you’ve found the book, Frostfall will start.

What’s Next?

After starting Frostfall, you can either jump right into the game (there are plenty of tutorial messages to help you along the way), or, you can browse around these pages to learn more. Start with How To Play for an introduction to all of the major mechanics of Frostfall.

Good luck!